About us

We are family

Dana Logistics Services is a Logistics and Travel Services Company managed and run by a team of excellent and dynamic professionals who are not only experienced and skilled in the Logistics business, but also very passionate about Travel. We offer our services in Kampala, Uganda where we are currently registered, and have physical offices.

We specialize in Cargo Logistics (Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance, and Land Transportation); Travel Logistics (Elite, Corporate and Business Travel Support Services and Destination Management Services); Specialized Tours, Home Delivery Services and Consultancy. Our reputation is founded on developing efficient and tailor-made solutions for our customers through leveraging of processes, people, technology, Infrastructure and the strength of our alliances and strategic partnerships.

To deliver an unparalleled quality service to our customers through safety, efficiency, reliability, integrity, honesty, innovativeness, and loyalty enabling our customers to focus on their core activities whilst their Logistics and travel to Uganda needs are fully satisfied.

To be a landmark and number one choice in affordable Logistics and Travel service solutions for individuals and businesses, locally and regionally, by providing an unparalleled service, while upholding a spirit of excellence, and the highest Health, safety and Environmental standards.

We believe that being open and honest in all our dealings as well as maintaining the highest level of integrity at all times’ is our greatest priority. We shall not promise to our clients what we cannot deliver.

We know that we have to continue striving to provide an excellent and quality service to all our clients because good is not good enough unless it’s better and later on excellent.

It is our duty to fulfill our clients’ needs as provided for in the service packages that we offer, and meeting time frames can only be achieved through working with urgency and commitment.

It is our duty to act with integrity, provide a good service, as well as be reliable and responsible. We are always ready to receive and act upon constructive criticism. We are also strict on ensuring that the privacy of our clients is respected at all times.


We strongly believe giving back to society and impacting the lives of our employees, communities and our environment through participating in activities that positively transform their lives, society and the environment.


Local Expertise – We are a Ugandan company and specialists of Uganda, with experience and strong links with local partners, authorities and stakeholders which we leverage to provide our customers with the best service.
Culture of Excellence– Our process driven approach, commitment to lean management and continuous improvement; streamlined and proactive communication sets Dana Logistics Services apart and ensures that we exceed our customers’ expectations.
Customized Solutions - Our services extend across seven core categories i.e.: Cargo and Home Deliveries, Travel and Tours, Consultancy, Elite and Destination Management. Our performance stems from a local and regional network of experts and from value-added integrated information systems and tools which afford complete visibility on all operations throughout the entire supply and travel chain.